Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hogtied and machine fucked hardcore bondage babe

Hogtied and machine fucked pierced bondage bunny

Hogtied and machine fucked pierced bondage bunny

A gorgeous tanned brunette with golden skin and massive pierced tits showed up at the pain play studio. She was a very naughty bondage bunny and needed some punishment, especially she needed some one to tie up her tits with rope and get into some hardcore tit bondage. To properly punish this pain slut it would require not one but two masters. As the pain dealers began they stripped her out of her clothes and tied her up like a hangman. As she hung from the ceiling bound and helpless her captors took turns flogging her as she screamed out. Moving on she was taken from the rafter and bound like a trapped fly in a spiderweb using their custom rope sling. Suspended in the air and held up only by her rope bounds she is a helpless victim. With the ropes on her breasts so tight they are ready to pop it was the ultimate in tit torture and if that wasn’t enough they carefully tied ropes to her nipple rings. It was time to fuck their sex slave with th! e long dildo. She was over come with pain and pleasure at the same time. Putting the ball gag in her mouth she was no longer able to scream and only accept the pleasure and pain they were inflicting. And this was just the beginning, they moved our slave girl atop two hard cold wooden platforms that allowed their vibrating fuck machine to inflict pussy torture on the helpless bound girl. The rest of the scene continues on for what seems like an eternity of pain and pleasure.

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